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Free deliveries from one neighbor to another

Taking care of our Walnut Creek community members most vulnerable to COVID-19.

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How does Neighbor Express work?

Anyone in Walnut Creek who is at extra risk from COVID-19 can request a delivery.

Deliveries can include: * Meals on Wheels Diablo Region is offering frozen ready-to-heat dinners for homebound residents ages 60+. Neighbor Express can help deliver these meals to you if you cannot pick them up each week. * A custom shopping list (Shopped for in local stores by a volunteer, paid for by you).

Need help filling out the forms? Call us at (925) 322-0264.

You will receive a call after you fill out the form to confirm your order and connect you with your volunteer. All deliveries are made by dedicated neighbors from your community who commit to following health guidelines (like gloves, social distancing, and lots of hand washing!)

They drop a bag at your door and, if payment is needed, you can safely give them a check/cash/digital reimbursement. Please note, it can take to a couple of days to get paired with a volunteer and schedule a delivery but we will keep you informed throughout the process.

Built by a team of volunteers, Neighbor Express is a platform for government entities that connects at-risk residents with essential services including meals, groceries, and ad-hoc deliveries during COVID-19.

Request a delivery

Currently serving the City of Walnut Creek, CA

Neighbor Express Walnut Creek is managed on a day to day basis by City of Walnut Creek staff.

City of Walnut Creek is grateful to the group of volunteers who created the Neighbor Express platform to help everyone receive care during COVID-19! Once upon a time, isolated settlers were connected by the Pony Express. Today, isolated residents can rely on the Neighbor Express to connect them to everything they need.

Interested in bringing Neighbor Express to your community? Have questions or ideas? Contact us at